WWE Crown Jewel full show 2 November 2018

WWE Crown Jewel full show 2 November 2018

WWE crown jewel is the pay per view of wrestling. The event is starting on Friday 2 November 2018. You will watch full show of WWE on the site. It is an upcoming main event of WWE which will enhance the brand of WWE and Smackdown. The event will held on Saudia Arabia. It is the first ever WWE world cup tournament which will declare who is best in the world. In that main event, WWE superstar Shawn Mickels will return after 8 years. Remember that Shawn Mickel was retired in 2010. Shawn is defeated by Undertaker in WWE WrestleMania. There are 8 WWE crown jewel matches.

Crown Jewel full match 2 November 2018

On March 2018 there is the first event of WWE was held in Saudia Arabia which name was WWE Greatest Royale Rumble. Now the full show of WWE has also held in Saudia Arabia. In this event there are many big matches among new and old superstars. There is also a WWE universal championship match between Braun Stowman and Brock Lesnar. Braun Stowman will again face Brock for the Universal championship title. On past raw Brock Lesnar deliver f5 to Braun when Braun dismantles Baron Corbin.

Crown Jewel

WWE Crown Jewel full show time and date

Both monsters head to head on crown Jewel wwe. On the 2 November, 2018 WWE crown jewels match starts at 9 pm. Both superstars of RAW and Smackdown are ready for this event. On Crown Jewel WWE John Cena will perform at 8 man tag team match. On this main event of WWE, there is another huge tag team match.Crown Jewel

The match between the brother of destruction vs D-Generation X. Undertaker and Kane brothers of destruction vs Triple H and Shawn Mickles D-Generation X. WWE full show Seth Rollins head to head against Bobby Lashley. Kurt Angle vs Dolph Ziggler will face each other on WWE full crown jewel show. There is another former match between AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe. It is a WWE world heavyweight championship match between both superstars. The huge eight man world cup tournament match will start on this event. Stay here to watch full crown jewel show.

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